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Merry Christmas!

Andrew StonerComment
Merry Christmas!

We just took a weekend daytrip to Vancouver. Here's a quick recap:

6:20am - Awaken.

6:57am - Barely remember passport.

7:00am - Roll out, cub scout.

7:45am - Coffee pitstop.

9:30am - Waffles and Bacon with the lovely Kroeger family.

11:00am - Gallivanting around Buntzen Lake.

1:00pm - Refueling with soup and sandwhiches.

2:00pm - The best machiatto in town @ 49th Parallel.

4:30pm - Magic @ Winter Solstice Lantern Festival / #secretlanternmeet

8:00pm - The joy filled musical romp back to Seattle.


I wish you all a happy holiday. Treasure those scarce quiet moments with family and friends. See you soon.

"Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more...."

- Doctor Suess